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Many are finding small scale building and rezoning profitable from small deteriorated homes with large lots. Then they build out the plot to the maximum units allowable to resale it. The first step is to apply for a rezoning ordinance. There are different criteria in any county. For example, in Miami, the city inspector has reassured me the property only needs to meet one of the following criteria to apply for rezoning; 40,000 square foot minimum lot size, 200 feet of frontage area, or if the property is adjacent to sites with other zoning codes. If the property does not satisfy the conditions above, we will ask the neighbors to fill out a joint applicant to meet at least one of those requirements.

With joint financing with me, I can easily find properties that can be maximized in this fashion. 1 or 2 properties will allow you to live a life free of a 9 to 5 like myself.

Use the contact form for more details on this type of real estate investments.

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