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Youth hostels are a type of culture becoming more popular among youth as international travel becomes more common. Hostels are cheap alternatives to hotels because they are shared dorm living style, but they also provide an appealing environment to their budget clients by arranging social interacting events like pub crawls, parties, city tours, etc.

We will follow the energetic and well-rounded host to the bests hostels in the world as the cameras capture the different cultures of the city but focusing on the social encounters and fun activities created for the clients. A big part of the show is about learning the lives and tales of other travelers, meeting new people every week.


THE HOST, an outgoing, corky, energetic, attractive male with 24-28 years of age and much travel experience, improve skills, and experience as a stand-up comedian. The audience needs to enjoy watching the host attempt different things and find his reactions funny or entertaining. Activities would include surfing, hiking, backpacking, snorkeling, diving, cliff jumping, skydiving, etc.

Act One:

Host is standing outside Banana Bungalow of West Hollywood describing what we are going to see in the next 30 minutes. A couple fun facts of the demographics, management, history, etc. will be shared among other things. i.e. this particular hostel is one of 4 sister hostels. 3 of them around Hollywood alone! This is because Hollywood receives x amount of visitor a year all looking to walk the Hollywood boardwalk to have a chance to see a star. The host gets closer to the camera as if telling a secret, word to the wise; the strip became famous because of the original studios that began there in the 50s but have long since moved to different corners of LA, and all we have on the strip is memories. Memories and great memorabilia! Come on in, let’s check into my lovely room. As he is walking towards the entrance he looks back and whispers, “I want the room with the most amount of people staying in it so we can make some friends.”

At the check in the manager gives us a key and a tour of the facility. The host makes whimsical jokes and good humor as we see different rooms and tells us about the 5 Ws of the hostel and special weekly events going on in the hostel. We see a community kitchen (Do you think if I left a cookie jar out people would steel cookies?) , Community computer room (do you have outsiders trying to come in and get some internet), Lounge room (we see some pretty girls and host makes a comment about going to the event later.) etc.

Once in our room we see some people still sleeping even though it’s mid-afternoon leaving the floor open to some humorous remarks. We talk a little bit about the accommodation, then we indulge in conversation with other travelers sitting around their bunks. We learn a couple names and faces whom we will keep tabs of their adventure for the next 24 to 48 hours through the nightly festivities or the next day’s city tours. Between 4 and 6 people are chosen and whenever we meet someone new the camera takes a freeze frame of them and writes in hand written text the name, age, country of the person somewhere around the screen. The audience bonds with them as we learn where they are from, what they do, what they are doing here, why this hostel, what they are looking for out of the trip, where they go next, how long they have been here. We share their insight on the things that matter most - Love, Family, Travel, Friends and hear some interesting travel stories of foods, beaches and other destinations they have encountered as we overlay clips of what they are describing for the viewers at home.

Act Two:

We begin getting ready for a free food and beer party in the lounge prior to a shuttle taking everyone to a specific club. Here we mingle with free spirits. Talk to the people we met earlier on how would it be different in their country, why the choice of clothes, etc.

The program continues into the night club where some of our friends begin ‘making out with some of the locals or with each other on the dance floor” The host is always thinking on his toes making funny jokes about situations that occur.

When there is nothing more to talk about. The camera captures in repetition the arm of the host going up and down up and down taking shot after shot. (Not really drinking heavy and needs to go to sleep early for long day of filming next day.) Then with camera affects all the lights in the club start leaving long trails and fade to black immediately followed by the host waking up in his bunk in an awkward position as if he had a long night, but has to get up and go on the city tour. Some girls rush in to jokingly get him motivated and literally pull him out of the bed. When the sheets come off and he hits the floor we see he is still in the same clothes from the night before. He agrees to wake up and begins the process from shower, to continental breakfast, to waiting for the tour bus.

On the tour bus we sit next to some of the friends we have come to learn and talk to them referencing their countries in comparison to what they are seeing, what their highlight and lowlights were of the trip. We ask recommendations of other hostels or countries we should visit for the show.

Act Three:

Well with California out of the way we begin the journey testing the waters nationally at key west, then go international to Barcelona, Granada, Galway, London, Indonesia, Berlin, Munich, Sydney, etc


Potential Buyer:

Travel Channel.
Outdoor Life Network (OLN)


The program may be able to get funding from a couple sources promoting travel and hostels. By promoting the hostels we may be able to get free accommodations for host and crew. lists the most popular hostels in the world and we can follow their suggestions for a small sponsorship.


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