Balls to the Wall

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An actress like Angelina Jolie, gets into a kinda nasty bathtub to relax, she drowses off to sleep. When she wakes up abruptly to scare the audience a little bit, seems like everything is fine, until she notices a small hole in the wall just behind her head. Out of curiosity she looks through the dollar-coin sized hole and sees nothing. Then turns back forward and thinks nothing of it. The audience then sees her same eye looking out. Like a mirror image of what just happened. The hole begins to get larger fast but almost unnoticeably (with digital affects) she notices this and jumps forward when she sees the hole the size of a football just one minute later. She inspects it to see if there is a logical reason behind it. While looking closely at it she mumbles some words like "what the fuck". Then she does what a normal person would do, gets her belongings and tries to leave. As she is looking for her keys she hears the mumbles that she said, then looks in the bathroom again and now sees a mirror image of her face inside the wall inspecting the hole mumbling "what the fuck". She is stunned and walking back hits the wall behind her. This action causes her reflection’s eye in the wall to fix on her (scary style). And then it goes away like scared she’s just seen a ghost. The lady starts panicking and becomes clumsy. And decides to go out of the room naked and forget all her stuff. As soon as she is buck naked outside apartment hallway realizes where the heck she can go. If anything she at least needs her cell phone to call police, or a friend or something. So she either goes back into the room where more crazy shit happens, like whatever was in the wall has shape shifted and become a splitting image of her, almost in a style of a toddler who having fun with it almost with a toddler mentality having a good time scaring her and learning her reactions. When she goes in she sees that person just go back into the bathroom to hide. The same words she has used begin to be repeated in the air, and tries to structure a sentence using random words and just sounds silly…. later to find out it was a dream, but then it happens again.

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