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I have just read a good news story about new research from John Hopkins about psychedelic drugs. Their patients said after 2 weeks later from taking it they said they felt more in-tune with the earth and felt happier to be alive. We can apply this to a movie that some forest mowers are looking to take a good portion of Alaska or Amazon down and some local kids put magic mushrooms in their tea before going to work. This is done while one of the boys mom works at the local dinner and the workers come in every morning for a light breakfast. They monitored the head honcho of the operation and attempt several times to intaise him to come for some delicious donuts or something. The mother can’t understand why on earth the kids are finally helping her advertise the dinner. Once the guy comes in they stock his shit up full. An hour later he is tripping and acting hella funny for all the home viewers. This character has to be likable so the audience can relate to his misfortune. Anyhow, he becomes fascinated by the leaves of the trees and even the dirt. Starts rubbing dirt on his face. His colleges can’t explain this and are terrified of his judgment as he has recently fired a couple top personal. So they all go about their business and try to ignore the funny antics. Well one thing leads to another and he not only stops the operation but begins work and a fund to help protect the earth in an attempt to right all the wrong he did to the earth. He needs to break even with earth before he can die and is determined to make up for leading the excavation of millions of square miles of different geographies. He even goes to the extent of determining the percent of his involvement and the quality of the loss to make sure he pays Mother Nature back in full. He has always been a strong believer of not taking charity from no one and doing everything by himself. This comes from growing up in a poor family and then becoming someone like Wilito or me.

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