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    • All Ideas are based on logical assumptions and public facts. You be the judge:

1. Modular Home Manufacturing

2. Solar Energy in Deprived Communities

3. University Of Visual Education

4. Popular Media Magazine Publication

5.1 K-Ray TV -has objectives other than financial returns.


6. Music Videos Inc.

7. Real Estate Developer Collaborations for Bulk Investments

8. Creating a Profitable Dog Breed

9. Statistic Reports Inc.

10. Touristic Helium Balloon Rides

11. RV Storage, Cleaning and Living

12. Big Burrito Franchise

13. CU Modeling Agency

14. Njoy –Needs help distributing an already successful product.

15. Harvard Gear

16. Internship Designs -Utilizing fresh architecture interns to pass the savings to the customers.




3. Online Family Tree

4. Joint Venture with -No one has time to read anymore, so jump on the bandwagon.

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