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==Teaser Scene== Girl employees at a clothing department staffed at the dressing room sit there mocking and making fun about the girl who just left. How horrible she looked in that dress lol! I was thinking of buying that one, but I think she just changed my mind. (As one stretches her bubblegum and keeps chewing it) The verbal harassment continues as another client is walking in with some clothes she was not certain about. They pause and size her up. One offers to assist her and show her to the stall, the others stare a sweat at her. She listens to their continued fun making of the previous attendant as she is escorted by one of the girls to a dressing stall. She steps into the stall, and before moving to place her clothing down she listens closely: “The zipper is obviously going to break on her dress. Then she’s going to try to return it and it will take away from our paychecks. The current lady listening real closely is spooked when she realizes the other girl was standing outside the whole time when she said let me know if you need anything. OK OK. Thanks. Then it goes quite until an eruption of laughter begins to flood the hall ways. They have to be talking about me”: She thinks. What are they saying?

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