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As a child I won awards on my creative ability to tell a story in writing. My mind is always running on full speed and I monitor what can make money based on previous success stories. What has sold in the past, why, and how can it be improved.

The concepts below are listed by genre, but you may also browse content by type of product; Treatments, Trailers, Screenplays, Short Videos, Pilots, or Film Type; Feature Films, TV Series, and Music Videos.



These concepts are mostly for feature length films but can be altered for TV Series or 1-2 hour specials. Some scripts are finalized while some others only have a synopsis and are waiting for request of completion from interested parties. The properly structured films have 6 stages that occur in 5 turning points at exactly 20% of the film.

Sample Proposal - How a page is seen with granted access.

Science Fiction

1. FUTURE -The end of time, in retrospect. An epic disaster movie.

2. Worlds Apart

3. 3rd Dimension

4. Parallels

5. Triskaidekaphobia -Phenomenon of phobias.

Drama / Thriller / Suspense

6. Holocene Extinction –Who is the invasive species? Stop doing what cant be undone!

7. Unnatural Selection-Government neglection.

8. Inconvenient Paths - A movie that portrays the lives of three different strangers who’s lives intersects with one another through out.

9. The Unsinkable Family Sea Cruiser

9. It’s a Small World

10. Traveler The tales of a bad ass.

11. Shortcuts to the Relevant

12. Success What thinking clearly can do.

13. Taliban A GoGo

14. Enraged Espionage

15. Malicious Minds

16. What if God was One of Us

17. Hedonic Treadmill – Everyone walks around like they got something to do but in reality we’re going in circles, literally. From home to work and back home. Wastefulness is a common trend.

18. VIXI - Latin translation: "I lived".

19. Emotional Impact –A girls mood swings can swing and roam complicating her emotions farther.


1. Cuba Libre –A documentary on communism.

2. ZUET -Zeroing Underground Energy Technologies.

3. Prairie dog Coalition -Bringing light of a dark situation.

4. Ask Dad -The smartest guy in the world.

5. The first movie -A documentary of ones self and remembering ones legend. Proposed film method is affordable.

6. Yoga for Muscle Toning -It’s a spiritual thing… with a dash of fitness.

7. Doomed Globe

8. Bay District School Shooting -Why did Clay Duke not kill anyone?

9. Miami's Center for Performing Arts -How was architect Cesar Pelli influenced?


26. Bad Reception -Realistic Horror

27. Balls to the Wall

28. Observations of a rationally insane man.

29. Above and Beyond -Humans are innately cruel.

30. Twisted Teens

31. No Remorse

32. Life’s Full of Decisions

33. Never Again

34. Think Twice

35. For Granted

36. Funny but Weird


37. Ready for Animation -“It's like holding your finger in a dyke”

38. How to Succeed Without Really Trying – For example: Crinkle up your entry form in contest submissions.

39. I feel like a million pesos! -Dude, that’s like 4 bucks”

40. Quite the contrary

41. Bollero -A Spanish for baller.

42. Boomers do Good

43. The Walnut Men

44. Its Complicated

45. Situations

Television Production

46. That Funny Show -Fame and Fortune

47. Sketch Horror –Similar to Hitchcock’s Twilight Zone but shorter stories to the punch.

48. The most interesting stories of all time -1-2 hour documentaries.


48. Unnatural Selection

49. Mind Control

50. The Mind

51 Stimulating Situations

52. Situations

53. Phenomenon

54. Backpacker

55. Creative Products

56. Handyman King –Reality competition to see who has the nation’s best carpentry skills.

57. Rocky Mountain Adventure -Even though the general population is not familiar with the Rockies, the sports themselves are pretty popular. Alternate title: Getting Some.

58. Real Estate Development Challenge

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