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This is an opportunity to recreate a creative venture that can yield the investor secondary benefits by sitting them on the front line of a pool of intelectual creative types of Harvard University. Traveling and collaborating with the freshest entrepreneurial minds in the world.

While a student at Harvard I founded the Harvard Entrepreneur Club in which for my final year as president the club had invested most of its budget on creating Harvard Gear/Swag/memorabilia. The proceeds would go back into the student group because the Harvard name is a trademark and cannot be profited from. However, if the student group is able to generate substantial income; with creative financing techniques the funds can be used to sponsor industry leading events and reinvest into other collaborated entrepreneurial ventures that yield secondary benefits.

There was high demand for the merchandise I designed below, thus I placed a tall order through alibaba.com, rapidly becoming a victim of fraud. I had only paid the first half so it was not a total loss, but that was still a several thousand dollar hit, plus the potential revenue that was never made.

The business model can be reapplied with current students at any given time.

The blueprints for all the designs are available upon request.

1. Class Ring

2. Sox

3. Stickers

4. t-shirts

5. Men and women underwear

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