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Juice Packets

Easier to make than frozen juice or koolaid and a lot healthier. Simply drop 1 or two pouches into a gallon of water and watch the water transform into a sweet color as the pouch’s nutrients sink to the bottom diluting into the water on the way down. Easy to market, produce, and stock it.

[images of how that will look like.] 

The typical juice products in an isle takes up 40% of space while the tea products use up an average of 2%. Koolaid for example takes up .125% space. With the same amount of servings the koolaid is good for, Juice Packets will take up 25% less space.



100% organic. Contains high volume of nutrients. As sweet and tasty for the kids as the leading artificial juices. “Juice Packets promote longevity” This product will be and must be marketed as significantly different than just iced tea. This product should be on shelves before the next summer product campaigns.

Target Consumer

Can be produced to harness different properties based on consumer study targeted demographic bracket. Assumed mothers buying for their children as an healthy alternative to kool-aid thus Vitamin C and Calcium enriched. Product lines should read “for healthy bone growth.” After stabilized brand and production we can introduce a similar alternative for adult children to buy for their babyboomer parents promoting Joint Health and Heart, Nerve, and Memory Enhancers like B12.

[artistic image of tea’s red dye seeping to bottom of container.] 

Possible Partnerships

Distribution will have most impact at health/nutrition food distributers like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Oat Farm, etc.

Possible interested affiliations with Teavana Inc., Lipton, Koolaid.


Easy to create a prototype. –buy a professional looking pouch and use Sweet Fruit Garden tea from Teavana with own add-ins.

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