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1. Family Safe Cruising Boat -Protect your most prized possession.

2. Safely Floating-Swim in the middle of the ocean anytime.

3. Shark Deterrent Surfboard The technology is there, why has it not been marketed. Find out the right way make it happen.

4. Incinerator Safe just in case.

5. Car Vaporizer Capitalizing on the lucrative emerging market.

6. Chill Spots Escape for a minute and or socialize with others who share the same interest.

7. THC Electric Cigarettes ‘nough said.

8. Back Scratcher A new marketable design that is cheap to produce.

9. Sunblock Sunless Tanning Lotion Too obvious of an idea, it may be too late.

10. New Homeowner Handyman Kit –Home sales are going up. Profit from it!

11. But-her Face lamp Delightfully funny and classy.

12. Stretching Bed- Stretching is so good for you. Stretch your body before, during, and after sleep with this ergonomic bed frame.

13. Forever Tombstone

14. Silicone Skin If you make it, they will come. Increase current production, the demand will be there in the right market.


1. New Beans Hardier than ever.

2. Herbal All Natural Organic Juice Packets Need to capitalize soon.

3. Fast-Food Dispenser The key is where.


1. Phone Apps Everyone is doing it, why not you. Here are some ideas.

2. Facebook Face Recognition to stop crime.

3. HighTech Walls Construction needs to catch up to our advanced technologies.

4. Audio Books The correct material to market to people that don’t have time to read.

5. Touch Screen Laptop Mouse Not even seen at this years CES.

6. Mobile Vending Machines for an easy startup.

Functional Clothing

1. Functional Clothing -Clothing should be as functional as our new phones.

2. Clothing with fine detail in unique patterns My #1 Idea. These are guaranteed to sell.

3. Basic Tee Logos Statistically Designed to Sell

4. Elegant Coat Ideas for Men

5. Footware –Girls need comfort not just style.

6. The New Business Attire Holds all properties of proper business dress while capitalizing on what looks good.

Included with Product

To take the work off the busy licensee and increase the value of the product, each invention provides:

1. Patent Pending paperwork depending on product: Provisional Patents, Utility Patents, Design Patents.

2. Catchy name and slogan.

3. Image of what the product will look like on the shelves.

4. Illustration of how it will look when it is being used.

5. Other visual aid.

6. Financial cash flows to reveal profits.

7. Terms of License

Contract Terms Summary

1. Upfront contingency, “Nonrefundable advanced,” or Ernst money is required to inventor.

2. Inventor allowed to view all sales information.

3. Licensee will cover inventor’s legal cost if such a need arise.

4. Inventor will receive royalties from all modifications from the product with no cap on number of years to collect.

5. The licensee must have the product on the shelves within 6months.

6. Inventor’s name need added to the licensee’s insurance policy for product Liability.

7. Inventor’s commission based on sales, not profits. Substitute to sales is negotiable but highly discouraged… Profits are licensee’s business, Inventor is concerned with sales.

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