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‘’’Logical Proposals Public Update Website’’’ The closer it functions like wikipedia.org the better. Wikipedia is the 5th largest website in the world thus much research has gone into the design and layout and so we will duplicate this user friendliness, but keeping the wikipedia format will also allow people to associate it to public collaboration software. This will be crucial because the success is only possible with the contribution of the audience.

The site will show how many projects the members have on-line thus creating that individual member into a potentially lucrative investment themselves working for a firm that needs creativity on the front end.

There are now over 3,300 venture firms managing an average of $280M each with a total of $265BN in capital under management. (http://billburnham.blogs.com/burnhamsbeat/2005/05/deal_flow_is_de.html) When the site becomes more popular we will distribute a quarterly magazine to the investors.

Please note, listings on this website are only suitable for accredited investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with private investments. Any Investor who intends to utilize this site must be an accredited investor. (Please click here for the definition of an accredited investor or go to: www.sec.gov).

There has been no investigation to the accuracy of any information or terms contained herein. There may be errors in the information posted on this site and we strongly suggest that you seek legal counsel prior to commencement of any potential transaction. All materials reviewed on this site are strictly for informational purposed only.

LogicalProposals.com and its affiliated companies are not a registered Securities Broker or Dealer or any other entity regulated under the securities law. LogicalProposals.com and its affiliated companies do not sell or offer to sell any securities and no information contained on this site is intended to constitute or to be interpreted as any such offer. Any investor requesting to contact a company listed within the site, does so at its own risk and is solely responsible for conducting any legal, accounting or due diligence review.

Investors may choose to fill out the Thesis Driven Investing Document that will specifically illustrate the type of investment they are looking for to automatically match them to proposals.



The project needs to be a collaboration from the beginning and am willing to split the proceeds 49/51 where I would own majority share. We will also profit in the ability to do something with our ideas that have been on the back burner for years or yourself as an individual for new products. Capital Gains:


The only upfront expense will be to advertise on google. Once it begins momentum we will begin to advertise at tradeshows and conventions, and then TV.


Other than google, I Kelvin Xuna know half a dozen other people who have several other entrepreneur venture ideas in need of funding. Im sure you have some too. I have countless investor resources and contacts from film and real estate to Harvard connections that can begin looking into the proposals and telling others spreading the word.

Business Proposal

Everything needs to be made to sell with an executive summary, research, expected returns, terms of profits. Links to relevant info. Option to upload sensitive data, films, documents, competition, market size, valuation, management team and business model


Similar websites have raised billions like FundingPost.com, businesspartners.com, venturecapitaltools.com. Need to copy their business model. They charge $100 for 3 months! and $30/month after.

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