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Logical Proposals is a company originally established to bring together the cumulative efforts of Entrepreneurs with Investors by permitting the general public to add their own work to allow for continuously updated opportunities. However, creator, Kelvin Xuna decided he has enough ideas to fill a wide range of logical proposals and allow the site to showcase his creativity. The original business model still holds as one of the Business Ventures concepts.

This site pitches ideas for the four most lucrative investment markets; Film Concepts, Inventions, Business Ventures, Real Estate Development proposals, and even unique marketing techniques.

Because of the internet, this is the best time in history to be an organizer and to drive lucrative ideas via technology's facilitated communication methods to the key players.

The Dealflow rate of is currently calculated to be "good". This means from the stream of available business proposals, investments offers, and miscellaneous opportunities there is high probability of the right equity-generating choice for anyone.



To access the business proposals describing the opportunity with detail and mitigation of risks requires administrative approval. To qualify, Investors need $500,000 in liquidity or documentation of previous successful investments.

Some proposals are more complete than others but more research can be provided to interested parties. They all have different investment options to meet the requirements of any investment portfolio. Whether it is Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Private Equity Investors, or Investment Bankers looking for early, first stage, second stage, or mezzanine, Logical Proposals has it all.

Invest without capital

Investor may also have or can offer other creative options to contribute without capital. If the party can collaborate on an idea or provide a service, a percent of ownership can be negotiated. For example, a producer can offer to produce a trailer or commercial for a listed film concept. Dividing work eases the time and tediousness of evaluating and monitoring investments.


All of’s proposals assess the factors critical to every new venture:

• The people — the individuals and parties providing key services or important resources.

• The opportunity — what the business will sell and to whom, and whether the venture can grow and how fast.

• The context — the regulatory environment, interest rates, demographic trends, and other forces shaping the venture's fate.

• Risk and reward — what can go wrong and right, and the mitigation efforts to respond.

1. Real Estate Development is said to be the fastest and most common wealth building career in the world. There are a couple options in this section: Commercial (retail, office, industrial), Residential (single-family, multi-family, Affordable Housing), and Land Development.

With my education from Harvard and experience on the subject I have found many ways to capitalize on government benefits through Affordable Housing, Public Improvements Projects, LEED construction, and combinations of benefits that can allow 100% financing from NGOs or OPM.

2. Film Concepts like real estate holds extremely high cap rates. As seen with Open Water, Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and countless others, a movie can be made for a couple thousand and return a couple million. There are two options here with Feature Films and TV Shows.

3. Business Ventures are tough to weigh out for the uncertainty of market demand. However, with enough due diligence and thorough market analysis it can leave little or no upfront risk to the share holder. This section has options for any sole propieriertship or joint venture for businesses ranging from small risk internet based to revolutionary concepts that will compete with governmental organizations.

4. Inventions come and go. With the right idea none of your descendants will have to ever work a day in their life; like the inventor of the board game Monopoly. All inventors are influenced with the same surrounding environment and rest assured someone else has already thought of the idea. It is imperative to act now and not be the one saying about the next multi-million dollar idea, “oh I thought about that years ago!”

5. Marketing the idea is maybe the most important step of any project. This section lists countless unique ideas to drive demand.

6. Your Life is ultimately the most important investment in the world. As an added bonus I will include My Life’s Philosophies. People have different opinions on life but most think eternal life would be divine. My life’s philosophies will explain how you have the possibility to live better than any king ever did and live as long as the great pharaohs aspired.

Disclaimer and its affiliated companies are not a registered Securities Broker or Dealer or any other entity regulated under the securities law. and its affiliated companies do not sell or offer to sell any securities and no information contained on this site is intended to constitute or to be interpreted as any such offer.

All data is patent or patent pending, copyrighted, and/or a registered US trademark. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2010.

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