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What does the Liver Fluke Flatworm, Parastoid Fungus, and Voodoo Wasps all have in common? They all have evolved a method of controlling the minds of other living organisms to use at their disposal. The question we want to answer is how? When we cant even begin to comprehend all the complexities of the mind a genetically simple creature can through natural selection or just normal processes learn how to infiltrate into the neurological system of another Genus and somehow either chemically or electrically control the host motor skills and perception?

We take a never before documented look at the life of these creatures while we narrate leading research from top scientist around the world of their possible evolutionary make-up and natural selection processes. We ask leading neuroscientist if they are aware of these and how could it be possible?

Can we find the way to infiltrate the human mind to essentially use people as robots? Or maybe more ethically sound query would be to use animals for war or crime protection?


Act 1:

The shot begins with a time-lapse of the birth and development of the LIVER FLUKE FLATWORM, the parasite that once it is ingested by an Ant, it makes the ant actually want to get eaten by mammals with a warm liver and is instructed exactly how to do so ). We follow with high tech equipment the entire process. While we elaborate the creature with much detailed narration about this process is theorized to work scientifically.

The next sample we encounter also targets the most civilized species on earth. The ant.

The CORDYCEPS UNILATERALIS is a parasitoid fungus that infects and alters an ants behavior in order to ensure the widespread distribution of its spores. The ants walk as high as possible and grip a leaf as hard as possible so when it dies it can grow out of its fucking head.

As we illustrate this odd organism behavior we narrate interesting details about how such genetically simple fungus spores have evolved to know how to actually manipulate the mind of an intelligent creature to work for it.

Is it a coincidence that the organisms that have the most advanced mind process are the one being targeted? Would the simple mind of a slug not suffice?

Its almost like a single trait of extremely advanced thought with no other important DNA attached within the single spore. It sounds alien, and maybe it is, some say fungus do not have typical characteristics of earth species and that spores may have traveled here millions of years ago on a meteor.

Well we don’t know if a slugs mind is advanced enough to manipulate but caterpillars apparently do. VOODOO WASPS are called such because of their ability to turn caterpillars into what amounts to a zombie. This charming process begins when the wasp lays its eggs inside of the caterpillar, around eighty at a time. The caterpillar is perfectly fine until the eggs hatch into larvae stage, during which they feed off the caterpillar’s bodily fluids. Once fully grown they eat their way out of the caterpillar and spin cocoons nearby.

Except the caterpillar isn’t dead yet. Instead it stands over the cocoons as though being controlled by the growing larvae inside. Should anything have the misfortune of approaching the cocoons, the caterpillar will thrash about until the predator is knocked away or is freaked out enough to leave on its own. Once the wasps hatch from the cocoon, the caterpillar finally kicks the bucket. The wasps then show their gratitude for their brave guardian by eating its body.

We relay answer like are caterpillars minds in anyway similar to that of an ant to be found into a category of manipulate minds. Are their pre-butterfly brains still being hardwired leaving opportunities to make new neuron connections leading to a skewed innate purpose in life? Could it be a sort of hypnotism on the subconscious mind.

Act 2:

What we know is from learned observation, what we don’t know is what we don’t see. Other creatures must be able to be infected as well we will conduct a study with other types of minds so we can draw conclusions which specific neurons need to be present for which toxins to work. From that come up with some assumptions on how to create a chemical makeup and substance to help medical science find solutions to engage the human mind to do things like walk after paralysis, or enjoy more activities for the obese.

Act 3:

We explain the possible danger if new chemical gets into the wrong hands or nations of global threat might be able to doom the globe. Ie. control the president, create armies of suicide bombers, catch POWs and return them back to their camps with a mission to kill, the list goes on and on. Maybe from preliminary testing the subject becomes irrational and hostile. Maybe deceives people by being very soft but then extremely violent when least expected killing the whole science team including their self, as they clink champagne glasses to celebrate a successful mind control specimen.

Ok im leaning too much for a movie plot that could be pretty good, but what we want is to leave the viewers thinking about the possibility of harnessing such a antibody. Proposing that an individual's thinking, behavior, emotions or decisions can, to a greater or lesser extent, be manipulated and what that would be like in their shoes.

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