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Slasher film: After winning the love of his partner, a scientific researcher who some may consider 'mad' decides to begin the second phase of his experiment in determining the origin of thought... weather learned or inherited. As she calmly sleeps he smashes her two eyes in with his thumbs and begins recording his observations into his phone: "Subject reacts to procedure with extreme trama, unlike I anticipated of confusion and not knowing how to react to the situation. In turn strategic survival skills become apparent, letting go what she has thought to be learned normal and going on instinct. Trying to find the way she came into the room but over the apparent urgency stumbling and crutching her tactic. Looking for doorknobs at the correct height level but not correct location. Subject is showing signs that associates my voice to the threat at hand as she does not come toward the voice. After several attempts to find an escape she has decided to surrender and curl up in the fetal position. The position she was born in. Assuming she has decided anything in the universe is a better option than what she is currently doing, obviously knowing death is one of them. Heavy breathing has slowed and almost paused. Assuming she is collecting her thoughts and reorganizing a strategy for survival. Nature tells us that when animals are cornered they will attack. I will move so that I may not be attacked. WOwwww, that was a close call. Observations were accurate. The behavior will continue unless during her trial she finds pain which reduces her motivation." Next time she tries lunging at him he stabs her. "Observation is accurate for the most part. Has slowed down rate of attacks and beginning to consolidate her survival strategies. Running on basic tactics with minimal data information to the motives behind the experiment."

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