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Teaser Scene

For this shot, we want the audience to feel the awkwardness of when people use a cell phone in a bathroom stall. The lead character excuses himself to use the public toilet. While in there he is busy doing something on his phone while on the can. Then someone sits in the stall next to him. He thinks nothing of it. Until… Hello?... a little louder… Hello? The man pauses what he was doing to think about the current situation. It’s quite again. So he resumes on his phone. Then we see the shot of the other guy on his phone trying to figure it out, and yells hello as he is turning his head towards the other’s stall. The one minding his business tries to say something then clears his throat. “What is it too loud in there? No No No, what’s up? The business man not knowing he is having dialog with the guy continues his newly connected phone call. DID YOU GET That PAPER? What paper. Just slip it under the door. The guy confused unrolls his toilet paper so that the edge is hanging over the opening at the bottom of the stall….

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