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The strategy of doing the feasibility study in Real Estate is to adjust the cap rate, construction cost, and rents then give it a percent of the Total Development Cost (TDC) to each section to see where the development cost is being distributed.

Out of all my professions, I enjoy most physically designing my ideas. I base it on ergonomic functional design and use Neufert (arch graphics) as the standard for dimensions of my projects.

I would like all my developments to have a plaque near the entrance listing the names and titles of every single person involved just like in movie credits. People who helped key players, their bosses and sponsors, any and all people that if not for them they would have needed someone else. Hypothetically even babysiters, who stayed at home with the kids while staff came to work and make it all possible. This is fun, and something to look at and take something from for all the guests of the space.

1. 4 Unit Starter-for the new investor.

2. Affordable Housing is very profitable with little risk.

3. Commercial Fisherman Housing -GI Guaranteed loan.

4. Student Housing –demand never ends.

5. Youth Hostel –the Y-Generation needs them.

6. Herbal Retreat –The new regulations make for a profitable new fad.

7. Land Development Consist of buying a big plot of land and sub-dividing it based on approved rezoning and infrastructure retrofitting. Considered one of the most lucrative but holds much risk.

8. “hybrid” buildings are being introduced in the city.

9. Buy Homes that are Cheaper than the Construction Cost –it will pay for itself.

10. High Rise University –why did no one else think about this?

11. Entertainment Retail is a big trend worldwide.

12. Kelvin Mountain Ski Resorts

13. Water/Amusement Parks –Located where our research shows the people need the most.

14. Ski Lift Over Beautiful Vistas

15. Indoor Volleyball Warehouse The new craze in college towns.

16. Ocean House –Let your imagination go.

17. Strip Clubs in Emerging Markets Controversial… but lucrative.

18. The Rican Grill –a whole new fine dining experience.

19. Dinner Film Studio –Maximize space and time.

20. Your Gym “Do what you want.”

21. Marine Automatic Storage My #1 Idea.

22. Medical Plaza –Baby Boomers are a goldmine.

23. Public Space –Free to build and profitable.

24. Underused Gov’t Property –They will thank you later.

25. Rehabilitating Warehouses –They literally set the framework for bigger ideas.

26. Foreclosure Niche –With the recovering market this is a passing opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of.

27. Artist Housing -A focus on unique amenities for specific demographic markets.

28. Earth Homes -Not just for hippies anymore.

29. Miami Life Apartments -Bridging People and Opportunity.

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