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A show called Real Estate Development.

We follow three recent graduates from the Harvard School of Design’s real estate finance courses as they show how simple the process is from incorporation to breaking ground. We will see natural drama as frustration builds when partners are not doing their side of work and when things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to everyone points the figure at the other.

Our first act commences at the Harvard university inauguration where a celebrity guest will speak at the inauguration. The team talk about what they are going to do now. (A popular theme that people can relate too… the feelings and emotions of being spit out into the real world after a lifetime in the academia realm.) While some of the team parties, one is very focused and even skips his graduation so he can incorporate the LLC as he describes why he chose LLC and to incorporate in Delaware? Explains the articles of organization.

Our first special will be the construction of affordable housing. Since it is their first project their goal is to complete it with no upfront money of their own. They are starving college students. A simple project to understand it is feasible to get a mix of non-governmental organization funding with governmental incentives whereas they do not need to spend a dime if done correctly.

The production has a source of income as it will have 40% of the company revenues.

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