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A knowledgeable host follows a crew of adventurous locals as they thrash all the world famous activities the generous Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado have to offer. Sports will be showcased as extreme as possible. Just maybe we will follow the sports crew as they indulge and promote the world famous dining establishments and party at the popular entertainment centers in the area.

This area of the Rockies offers some of the top training destinations for many of these activities. This is where the best triathlon athletes come from. This is where world Olympians train. This is Mountain Adventures, only on Discovery.

In order of Episode:

1. Climbing several of 1,400 foot peaks (14ers)

2. Speed Downhill Biking

3. Rock Climbing

4. Extreme Freestyle Snowboarding (Vail, Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone, Abasin)

5. Snowmobiling

6. Speed Skiing

7. Sledding \ Inner Tubing

8. Ice Climbing

9. Hang Gliding

10. Kite Snowboarding

11. Skydiving / Sky Gliding (Squirrel Suit)

12. Motor cross

13. White Water Rafting / Kayaking

14. Snowshoeing

15. Inner Tubing the Boulder Creek / Rope Swings

16. Cliff Jumping

17. Canyoneering

18. 4 Wheeling

Not So extreme:

19. Canoeing

20. Fishing

21. Hunting

22. Plane Glide

23. Camping in snow huts and building jumps for snowboarding. Im sure there are many that I missed, and with some creativity many more could be added to the list… like climbing trees. Well maybe not, but you get the picture. Theres enough content to fill a good season.

Economical Production:

1. Casting is complete.

2. Most activities are free to do

3. All can be found within 100 miles of Colorado’s Summit County.

Estimated budget:

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