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Safely Floating or Shark-Resistant Ocean Capsule The SRO Capsule is a portable swimming enclosure for swimming in the open sea without the fear of predators, Adjustable depth of enclosure so people have option to lay in ankle deep water and drink margaritas, have a pool party with 4 feet depth, or swim with 9 feet depth. Based on locking mechanisims for the floatable apparatuses the cage can be made stiff to stand on or soft to concave into water.



The SRO Capsule is corrosion-resistant, flexible, and compactable. Keeps out barracuda, man of prey, jellyfish, and most importantly… SHARKS! Shark Facts: 200 people are brutally eaten every year, 15% in the US alone.


Fabric mesh that could literally resist a shark bite, corrosion-resistant, flexible, and compactable. In order to be useable in salt water stainless steel needs to be 14 gage type 316 stainless steel.


Color can be made bright to either be able to see intruders easily or dark to make you more invisible to predators.


  • Stainless steal mesh X-Tend 2 System.
  • Coil Drapery Coiled Wire Mesh.
  • Naltex Extruded Netting.
  • Metal polymer Manufactured by Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc.: Rigid dimension comes in rolls. .79 pounds per square foot. $12 per square foot. Cant be draped over a pole like in the image, triangular pieces are woven together to be able to come to a point. It cant roll smoothly around like a bowl but can resist a shark bite.


Or companies who may want to buy the idea:

  • Cantar
  • Sports Stuff
  • Hammacher Schlemmer


Cage Diver is a division of Incredible Adventures, Inc., a Florida corporation founded in 1996. They manufacture shark cages and can give required specs, such as the coast guard rules of maximum payload on recreational boats. They have similar round cages that may be utilized in manufacturing.


90% to manufacture/Distributer 10% to inventor.

Continued Research $695 –patent search –preliminary research or -free preliminary patent search $6000 - $12000- virtual reality rendering and packaging and 150,000 new ideas a year %50 are helped, 260 licensing agreements, no millionaires

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