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An ex-convict who goes by the name of Dude is traveling the world in search of self-prescribed phycology for his assault and battery record that got him kicked out of being on the door staff of a major club in Miami.

Touring South America by himself is confident to leave his laptop on the table as he is twice the size of everyone else, plus the place is semi-elegant. Located on one of the first tables to the entrance on the patio. He comes back from the bathroom just in time to see an elegantly dressed fat man walking towards his laptop through the big glass windows. As it is confirmed that the big fat man is actually grabbing his computer he is opening the door. The most common theft is quick grabs so the guy just turns around leaving the power cord and everything hoping to still get some money for the computer. As the man turns he is hit square in the face by the Dudes big fist, making him fall backward into other tables with tall thin wine glasses breaking and shattering making a huge spectacle. Luckily the guy never dropped the lap top so the Dude easily takes it from his hand. All the people are about to applaud at his heroism and stoping the crime, Some people begin the slow clap for others to follow but they all stop as they are stuned to see what Dude does next. He pulls his penis out and pees on the face of the unconscious man and mumbles, “Dont fuck with me Young Star (short for stranger)” then looks up like if he forgot he was in a public setting and walks away promptly without paying the bill.

Later that night while sitting at an organized event at the hostel with other travelers, he listens to countless stories of experiences from people of all walks of life. Not having much to say himself because he does not remember these little fun details everyone describes during story telling. He only remembers the big picture.

He hears, “Ya I’ve been to Germany, Ive been to Australia, I’ve been to Belize. Ect.” Yet he knows he has seen more in his 28 years than these 24 year olds have seen in their lifetime put all together. He blames this on the avid marijuana use since the age of 11. He figures its because the mind stops its speed processing and hardwiring sometime around 13 when you go through puberty. But if you begin to kill brain cells before that time, the brain will never reproduce those absent cells because their program was not hardwired yet. He falls in love with a girl in which they spend a lot of years together, and since she knows his memory is bad and life is all and only about memories she would help start to document their new shared memories. While traveling little memories come up out of the blue, and she document his past memories in an organized fashion like in a rolodex for him to remember. One day when they are traveling Belize, a dark and eerie memory comes back of him witnessing a murder and not doing anything about it because it was a strange land and thought it must be normal. Now remembered, the memory begins to haunt him in his sleep while in the Jaguar Jungle Bungalos of Belize. The ghost of that dream fucks with him in the way many of us feel during the night when like a hair movement feels oddly strong. Or an itch or twitch. And other things that make people wonder next time they feel a static shock from the blanket, a common noise, etc.

The first night was so much that he had to sleep in a fetal position to be completely covered by the small blanket and not to let his feet or head hang out of the blanket. He wakes up again in the middle of the night to look around, then looks at his girlfriend… that doesn’t look like Kathy, he pulls her hair off her face to gently tuck behind her ear, and Makes the audience jump when she opens her eyes and looks at him with a ghoul of a look. He awakes in the same position, it was a bad dream, its daytime and his lovely girlfriends blond hair is glowing like a heavenly angel.

The second night at 4am the wind busts open the wooden swing windows and he sits up in a startle. He looks down to observe a twich in his calf, not sure if it is his muscle or a ghost pushing his skin trying to communicate with him. He jumps out of bed. Turns on all the lights. Closes the windows. And goes back under the covers with the lights on hoping that will deter the afterlife.

Similar to the movie Paranormal on the 3rd night there is a big storm outside and we see the ghost doing these things that we all take for granted while we sleep because we think its just a hair follicle readjusting or something. Make the audience think, shit that’s happen to me… and that’s what happens when I go to sleep.

He thinks, what causes us to itch? I am assuming dry skin cells shedding and hair growing, but what about if we had an itch on the inside of our body?

As the ghost of the little girl disappears as she stands over him while he sleeps, we see bloody saliva excrete from mid air where her mouth was on to his face.

He jumps up thinking the roof is leaking but almost instantly looks at the fingers that wiped the spit off and notices it is bloody. Jumps out of bed yelling what the fuck, what the fuck, paseing back and forth the room in a stampede. WHAT THE FUCK!

The next morning he wakes up with ….

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