What if God was One of Us

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A happily married couple staring a firm actor like Brad Pit, He is a professional and logical business man who begins to take illicit drugs like PCP. His wife tells him to stop but being reasonable he tells her “I have never been addicted to anything and I could quit any time, so if I start getting out of control you let me know and I will reevaluate the situation and stop if needed.” (in the movie they should depict their dying love for each other.. maybe by being fiancés for several years) Well the time comes when his wife is frightened at some of his recent behavior having hallucinations and talking crazy. She confronts him of her feelings towards it and he sais listen, I am completely aware of my situation I think everything fine. He at that same meeting he hesitates to tell her that he recently set up an appointment to meet with god. He knows that it will sound weird and aid her argument, but he is certain he is right, but with some shared skepticism. He will tell her briefly before leaving the house to avoid an unnecessary argument. However to sooth his doubt of actually meeting with god he will take a gun in case it is a hoax.

Sure enough in a sign of brief comedy to the audience the wife is making sandwiches and he sais I’ll be right back hun, going to go meet with God” the door slams. She drops what she’s doing literally on the floor, rushes to the door and Brad pit has already began a fast pace walk several yards away. He yells over his shoulder, “everything will be fine hun, I got this”. Just as he said that, she sees the sun’s reflection recherché of the clean chrome of a large Semi-Automatic Magnum that he is wielding cariesly. Obviously, this puts 30 times more stress on the lady so she starts freaking out. She decides to follow him in disguise…

[Insert Image 1A] As he walks the city streets which are reminiscent of a busy New York main corridor, he walks on the edge of the sidewalk and the buildings with his gun tightly wrapped in his hand. As he walks he is stepping atop small curbs that separate the sidewalk from the dirt/landscape of the buildings.

Insert Image 2A -The Camera catches his fast pace walk, jumping on objects as he walks in view of an adjacent side of a building’s long stretching and tinted lobby windows.

Insert Image 3A As he approaches the last window and almost going to go off the camera he abruptly stops with his head held high as he has spotted something.

The next scene shows an elderly homeless man crossing the street that looks just like Jesus Christ.

Insert Image 3.5A He’s like, “that’s weird he wasn’t suppose to meet me here.” He jumps behind a bush to reevaluate the situation as he scopes out the guy, meanwhile unaware that people are beginning to gather at the lobby watching him. Not seeing the gun yet. Soon he pulls his big ass gun out and the woman scream and guys begin to call 911 from their cell phones. His wife that was on his trail lost him after he jumped into the bush and walks past him looking for him. The only problem is that she is wearing a Santa Clause beard they had from Christmas and detective hat and glasses from Halloween. He sees her and starts freaking out like it is a set up, he sais, “I knew it”. Tons of imposters have come to take his. Another guy with a beard comes out of an office building professionally dressed in a suit. Another one is spotted serving hotdogs, he starts freaking out. Then a noise from behind him when something falls and rolls to the window from all the people freaking out, so on edge he shoots into the glass, and again and again, killing random people. He thinks its on, there’s no going back now, so he jumps out of the bush into the street shooting up the hot dog stand then the homeless man, then the business man, then as he aims for his wife, she is panikly running toward him to control him and she barely had enough time to pull her beard off when a shot hits her right between the eyes.

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